International Nature Photographic Society

In 2008, our President started to create a blog Hong Kong Butterflies Zone (HKBZ) on Yahoo! Blog. Later in 2009, our Facebook group Hong Kong Butterflies Zone (HKBZ) has been established to replace the former blog for photographers to share their photos and views. All that matters is a passion to learn and share with others. For all nature photographers, it is now not just limited to share your lovely butterflies photos, you can now share different themes of photos, insects photos at HKiZ (Hong Kong Insects Zone), birds photos at HKBZ (Hong Kong Birds Zone) and flower photos at The Art of Flower Photography.

For a better global strategy, it is a natural decision for us to create a more unique identity for our Society. Hong Kong Nature Photographic Society (HKNPS) has formally changed to International Nature Photographic Society (NPS) as effective on July 1, 2020. We are seeking to increase growth by expanding our Society into international markets and to promote the art of nature photography worldwide.

International Nature Photographic Society (NPS) is a non-profit organisation legally registered in Hong Kong. Our primary goal is to promote and support the art and science of photography as a means of creative expression through awareness, education, field trips, member showcases and participation.

We promote the highest standards of achievement in nature photography and encourage both amateur and professional photographers alike to embrace challenges towards our internationally-recognized qualifications.

We will support you whilst you focus on achieving your goals and always aim to provide professional feeback and advice in different areas. Mentoring and portfolio reviews are key elements of support that we provide. We recommend that you book onto one of our portfolio reviews session when working towards qualifying.

We run monthly photo competitions, curate many exhibitions for the wider public to encourage the public appreciation of photography.

We organize talks, workshops and courses for educating people who love nature phtoography, as well as promoting environmental education.

We also support and work closely with partners that share our passion for photography and to share the enjoyment of photography and its value for social good.

"Photography, it all starts with a thought!"

We give power to images because we need them as a means of communication. Photography can embody individual and collective desires.


Founder & President of NPS

"Look deep into nature and enjoy your life!"

I enjoy nature photography, it's not just about the beautiful creatures but it's also a time to relax. I hope everyone enjoy this like I do.

Evangeline Lam

Secretary General of NPS